Divorce Pricing

Choose What You Need: (1) Advice & Support; (2) Drafting Court Documents; or (3) Representation in Court

Either party can represent themselves in a family law case. However, it is always a good idea to get support from a lawyer. Choose one of these three options depending on what stage you are at in your case, how much help you feel you need, and how much you can afford to spend.

Note: Prices are subject to change

Advice & Support

Why choose this?

  • This is helpful at any stage in your case.
  • You are comfortable representing yourself and managing your own case.
  • You want to keep your costs low.

What it costs:

  • $797 for the first month; $299/month thereafter

What it includes:

  • A full case review and coaching session with an attorney to discuss your case strategy.
  • Up to 3 emails OR phone calls per month about your case.

Add ons:

  • Additional phone call or email: $99
  • Settlement or Mediation Coaching; $499
    • Includes (1) additional case review and coaching session and (2) review of agreement (up to 2 drafts).
  • CFI/GAL Coaching: $699
    • Includes (1) additional case review and coaching session for interview and (2) review of questionnaire or email responses (up to 2 drafts).
  • Trial Coaching: $699
    • Includes (1) workbook; (2) intensive prep session; (3) review and feedback on evidence.

Drafting Court Documents

Why choose this?

  • You have a court form or filing due and you want an attorney to draft it for you.
  • You agree with your spouse and need an attorney to draft your agreement for you.
  • Pro tip: This is the best option for high- and- medium-complexity docs like: pretrial statements; motions to modify/restrict; parenting plans; separation agreements; and stipulations/agreements.

What it costs:

  • Low-complexity docs*: $699
  • Medium-complexity docs**: $999
  • High-complexity docs***: $1,499

What it includes:

  • Case intake session with the attorney.
  • Attorney drafting your document.
  • Up to 2 revisions of your document.

*low-complexity docs include: petitions, responses; motion to continue/for extension of time; motion for CFI/GAL; discovery requests/responses (up to 3).

**Medium-complexity docs include: financial packet (disclosures & sworn financial statement); parenting plan; separation agreement; motion to modify (parenting time or child support); stipulation/agreement; motion regarding parenting time disputes; position statement for mediation.

***High-complexity docs include: pretrial statement/trial management certificate; motion for remedial contempt; motion to restrict parenting time; any emergency motion.

****For post-decree cases, there is a $199 surcharge for drafting services.

Representation in Court or Mediation

Why choose this:

  • You have a court hearing scheduled.
  • You want an attorney to prepare and present your evidence for you in court.
  • Pro tip: This is highly recommended if there is an attorney representing the other person or if you have a complicated case.

What it costs*:

  • Up to half-day mediation: $999
  • One disputed issue (e.g., parenting time): $3,499
  • Two disputed issues (e.g., parenting time and finances): $4,499
  • Three disputed issues (e.g., parenting time, finances, and relocation): $5,499.
  • plus $300 refundable deposit for filing fees and evidence

What it includes:

  • Attorney representation at the hearing/mediation to present your case or defense.
  • Pretrial or pre-mediation statement.
  • Preparation of evidence (hearing only).
  • Preparation of witness(es) (hearing only)**.

Communication with other person or his/her attorney before hearing.

*There may be extra fees for things like continuances ($500) and other complications in your case.

**If you plan to present more than one witness, it will cost $199 per extra witness on your side, $99 per extra witness on the other side.

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