Protection Order Pricing

Choose What You Need: (1) Advice & Support; (2) Drafting Complaint for Temporary Protection Order; or (3) Representation in Court

Either party can represent themselves in a civil protection order case. However, it is always a good idea to get support from a lawyer. Choose one of these three options depending on what stage you are at in your case, how much help you feel you need, and how much you can afford to spend.

Note: Prices are subject to change

Advice & Support

Why choose this?

  • You don't have the temporary protection order yet and need advice about the process.
  • You are comfortable representing yourself and managing your own case.
  • You want to keep your costs low.

What it costs:

  • $797 for up to one month; $299/month thereafter

What it includes:

  • A full case review and coaching session with an attorney to discuss your case strategy.
  • Up to 3 emails OR phone calls per month about your case.

TPO Complaint Drafting

Why choose this?

  • You don't have a temporary protection order yet or have been denied the temporary protection order in the past.
  • Your case is complicated or you don't feel comfortable drafting the document yourself.

What it costs:

  • $999

What it includes:

  • A full case review and strategy session with an attorney to discuss your case.
  • A Verified Complaint for Temporary Protection Order and Incident Checklist drafted by an attorney.
  • Up to 2 revisions.
  • A coaching session with an attorney before you file your Complaint.

Representation at Permanent Protection Order Hearing

Why choose this:

  • You have a permanent protection order hearing scheduled.
  • You want an attorney to prepare and present your evidence for you in court.

What it costs:

  • $1,999*
  • plus $250 refundable deposit for filing fees and evidence

What it includes:

  • Attorney representation at the permanent protection order hearing to present your case or defense.
  • Preparation of evidence.
  • Preparation of witness(es)**.
  • Communication with other person or his/her attorney before hearing.

*There are extra fees for things like continuances ($500) and other complications in your case.

**If you plan to present more than one witness, it will cost $199 per extra witness on your side, $99 per extra witness on the other side.

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